Garage Conversions

July 24, 2021
Our garage conversion services include: Creating self-contained units/flats. Extensions and additions. Creating extra living space. Maximise your garage space. Converting your garage into a bedroom. Converting your garage into a granny flat.

Does your developing family need an additional room? Or then again, have you generally needed your studio? Changing over your garage could be your optimal choice. For any garage conversions, call us today at +44 07961 017084.

Additional Room

PRC & Sons Builders master garage conversions service can furnish you with extra space on your property. That gives you room for a home rec centre or office and permitting you to get more from your home. To examine your particular prerequisites, kindly don't stop for a second to contact a colleague. PRC & Sons Builders offer our garage conversions services to clients all over Lincoln and the encompassing regions.

Any Conversion

We can transform your garage into:

  • A workspace/study
  • A kitchen/utility room
  • A lounge area
  • A home cinema
  • A family rooms
  • A room with or without en-suite offices
  • A den
Quality Results

Our utterly qualified group of experts handles each part of your garage change, including material and windows, to guarantee you get the ideal outcomes. For additional requests, get in touch with us today. We additionally have an abundance of involvement with gas establishments.


Garages offer an unimaginably versatile space and a considerably faster and more reasonable conversion than a space change. Here, we give a complete and top-notch service.

Garages loan themselves unquestionably well to change into new rooms. With no pitched rooftops or extra flight of stairs access, it's a lot faster cycle and regularly considerably more reasonable. The most incredible occupation is supplanting the garage entryway with a divider and windows. PRC & Sons Builders garage conversions team has years of building experience and garage conversions. We can take care of business with minor aggravation to your life and still satisfy extraordinary quality guidelines.

Various Services

Our specific garage conversions services include:

  • Complete and incomplete garage conversions
  • Surveys, achievability studies, and task plan
  • Creation of workspaces, visitor suites, and games rooms
  • Fitting of lighting, warming, force, and plumbing
  • Window coordinating, entryways, and entryways
  • Replacement of over-top garage entryways
Such countless garages, particularly twin adaptations, are utilized for minimal more than flood extra room or a spot to put the planting apparatuses. Better to place them in a shed and make a roomy new region for yourself and your family to partake inconsistently? Allow us to give an accessible overview to talk about all that could be conceivable in your garage. We're based locally, and there is a lot of our past garage conversion around for you to view and see exactly the amount we put into each undertaking.


As a feature of our carport changes bargain, we'll work with you to discover how we can augment your living space and indeed draw out the capability of your carport. At the point when you call us at +44 07961 017084, we'll work with you to organize a "plan of assault." We'll pay attention to your needs and needs. Yet, we'll likewise share our proposals to guarantee you're getting the ideal outcomes.

After we finish our carport changes, we permit our customers to venture back and look at our achievements. We realize you'll admire how we've helped you. Suppose you're discontent with our outcomes (which could happen). In that case, do let us know immediately to give a speedy and viable arrangement. Contact us today so we can begin changing and redesigning your home.